Mukti's World

- of art, color, expression,& love. -

Mukti is a ten year-old girl who popped-out of the womb with a delightful and strong personality all her own.  She is primarily non-verbal and experiences special needs, which has been a challenge, as well as a blessing for all those who encounter her.  She seems to know what the dogs want before the rest of her family.  She likes to sit outside and watch the trees or listen to the birds for long stretches of time.  She unapologetically knows what she loves and despite her big heart, she is unrelenting in getting it.  One of those loves is painting.  There are many paint-splattered walls, clothes (and animals!) in her family's home that attest to her insistent desire to paint.  Her favorite medium is alcohol inks because she can spray or squirt them from bottles, turn the canvas in different directions, and use gravity to make the colors morph into a surprising variety of shades and shapes. She is also known to use an occasional brush, finger, or hand.  Mukti has been painting for 8 years.

favorite food(s): fries, noodles, rice, ice cream and chocolate
favorite bands/music: Chai, Super Oganism, Ssing Ssing
favorite tv shows: Spirit, Boss Baby, The Magic School Bus, Call My Agent, Home
favorite movies: Ponyo, Spirited Away, Boss Baby, Okko's Inn, Kiki's Laundry Service, Home
favorite activities: reading, painting, bouncing on her trampoline, swimming, listening to music, going to the park, watching shows on her pink ipad
favorite humans: mom, dad, Danny, Zena, Teacher Paula, Tela, Jennifer, her friends and teachers at school.
favorite non-humans: Satchie and Lily...sometimes the cat, Nekko.

  • Eugene, Oregon, United States
  • $0.00
  •  11/1/2022 10:00 AM - 11/30/2022 09:00 PM
  •   Broadway Commerce Center, Eugene, OR, USA

A month long art installation featuring art from special artists from "Autism Rocks" and Arc Lane County.

  • $0.00
  •  8/14/2021 03:00 PM
  •   Springfield, Oregon, USA

"Festival of Art for All, 2022" Art show sponsored by "Autism Rocks" and Arc of Lane County. Featuring paintings from 13 emerging artists from the disability community.